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We know that it did not even occur to you that you should stick to some tips and precepts to have a good picture for your Instagram profile 😊

By monitoring Instagram’s well-known pages, you will see that many of them have similar features in their profile picture which helps to make it more noticeable to the followers and therefore remain in their minds. In this article, we are going to describe the whole important tips about Instagram profile pictures and also will teach you how to download them in the finest way possible, because experience has shown that many people are interested to see the enlarged version of profile pictures. 

An Instagram outstanding profile photo

 Take a look at this sentence attentively:

Taking a perfect photo for an Instagram profile doesn’t necessarily require a professional camera.

 Often, people mistakenly believe that the best photos are taken by practiced photographers in a studio. Statements similar to this resemble more like a funny, freakish declaration. As we proceed, we will examine how to enhance the attraction and glamour of your Instagram profile image. Needless to say, you could also check the following video if you wish.

Pardon me; You don’t look familiar to me!

 Initially, consider vividly showing your full face. Hence, if you wouldn’t mind: 

Aim at the camera,


One, two, three,

And click!

 Accordingly, it is not a good idea to take a picture if your body is positioned back to the camera. Also, keep your hair off your face, avoid hiding your face, and put aside other solutions that might occur to you about placing something over your face. Why is that? Consider the users’ point of view. They will search for your appellation, or become familiar with your account through Instagram explore page, and settle to look over your account. What could awaken their interest at first sight? Profile photo! To be fairly honest, your adorable face is the first gestured communication that users would notice. Therefore, try to pick out a profile photo that could be appealing to the viewers and let them observe your face. (Obviously, if you possess a specific brand, your condition will be dissimilar which we’ll provide you within the next few paragraphs.)

Please keep your distance from the framework

  steer clear from the camera and as a result, you will end up with a more magnificent, polished photo. Ensure that your face or your trademarks’ logo is kept well away from the framework, and not off of it. Make sure to read: Getting on explore page is not that challenging

Make contradiction

 We are not criticizing chromatic or solid colors; As an aside, it can enhance the elegance of your Instagram account and go with its vibe and tonality. But to be clear-sighted, complementary colors could be more captivating and catch the eye better. Therefore, you should upload a charismatic profile photo that users would appreciate. 

Cameras don’t matter as much as the light!

 Yes, what you just read is true. A single phone also allows you to capture amazing photos. No matter how good and high-priced your camera is, if you fail to consider lighting, the outcome won’t be as charming as you might expect. In order to take a perfect Instagram photo, you need to flashlight from all directions so your face would be perfectly manifest and any shadows from your face would be removed.

By the way!

 It’s true that occasionally your appearance would improve if you have both dark and light shadows on a photoshoot. This does not refer to photos using it as a technique. Interestingly, the photo’s elegance is also enhanced by this method. In fact, our advice is to be careful that your camera won’t take dark images from you. Cause despite our efforts, we won’t be able to see you. 🙂

Never make derangements in the background

 To remind you of this statement, we emphasize it twice! Considering that the Instagram framework is small-scaled and does not commonly expand, the best approach is to pick a pure background for your face or logo to have a clear perspective. In the worst scenario, if you are willing to apply a cluttered background, don’t forget to fade it. As a profile photo is supposed to display “you” subsequently.

Main camera or selfie camera?

 As we stated before, you won’t need a proficient camera in order to take high-quality pictures necessarily; But be careful not to use a selfie camera as well. The reason is made for a specific purpose and is not within the purview of this article. But all in all, a selfie camera would make your face different from its real appearance

No one is satisfied by their ID card photo

 Regardless of how you appear in your ID card photo, it is still important to avoid taking your Instagram photo with the same pose and angles. Therefore, pose for the camera, smile, and make sure your eyes are in good shape.

Do not use a logo including many titles!

 Often commissaries and companies manipulate a logo for their Instagram profile picture. It is evident that if your logo includes overflowed and cluttered words, it will look unattractive and would be unsuitable for your Instagram. Simplicity is the key! Choosing the right color for your logo can influence your business greatly.


 You must upload a standard 360*360 pixels profile image for your Instagram. 

To see for yourself how effective these tips are, follow them. To conclude this article, let’s be a bit playful and show you a few steps on how to download Instagram profile pictures. In that case, keep following us if it proves to be helpful for you.

Download Instagram profile photo 

Often, you can’t perform this action. You definitely need an extra gadget to observe profile photos from a closer vision. Don’t forget that Instagram itself could have offered this item, so you would have been able to visualize the user’s profile pictures in their entirety. So, utilizing these gadgets may put your account at risk.

Enlarging Instagram profile pictures throughout some tools

 If you wish to view people’s profile photos at a closer look with your mobile phone, the following programs are available for installation. Once you have logged into your account, you can download your chosen profile picture and observe it.