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Ali Haji Mohammadi is a self-made entrepreneur who started his career in 2012 with blogging.Then he went to UI design and then coding and experienced his first income by freelance and working at home. (more …)

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My experiences


I have more than 18 entrepreneurial experiences in various fields. From selling digital products to online clothing store for women. I already have 3 successful and active businesses.

Digital Marketing

I have been developing my own businesses and personal brand with digital marketing for more than 12 years. From websites with WordPress to Facebook and Instagram

Instagram Blogging

I work with my personal brand on Instagram in the field of business blogging and I have more than 1 million real followers (businessman and businesswoman)

Latest Blog

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Buy no followers! 3 Promised tips to grow actual Instagram followers

It takes a lot of effort to start an Instagram page from the ground up; doesn't it? Where should we obtain followers? Would anyone else outside of the group of ten or twenty people around us like our posts?  We are thankfully no longer surrounded by robotic followers...

Instagram admin; A simple, profitable job

Instagram admin; A simple, profitable job

- Greetings. Would you mind telling me the simplest, quickest strategy to make a good fortune on Instagram? - Good day. The possibilities to earn money from Instagram are many. You could blog, create a store online, advertise, etc. Alternatively, you can work as an...