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Those involved in content video creation are aware that fine music is essential to produce an exceptional video!  An accompanying song results in a ten-fold increase in appeal. However, what type of music would we need to use so we won’t have to deal with the message below?

We apologize, but the content you posted has been removed due to copyright violations.”

 We will teach you everything you need to know about copyright and regulations regarding copyrighted music on Instagram/ YouTube, and solutions to obtain copyright-free music. The following video shows us talking to one of our clients whose video has been removed by Instagram. Check it out to determine where the issue is.

What is copyright?

 Copyright is the ownerships’ right. In general, a video, music, illustration, tutorial lectures, or any other creation that requires a great deal of your time and effort belongs to you entirely and must not be used without authorization! Due to this, you must abide by the copyright regulations to be active in programs like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Then why do we need copyright-free music?

 Because a single individual created that piece and all of its rights and privileges belong to the owner eternally. In other words, when you download a music album legally, the songs are still not yours, and uploading them on your social accounts or utilizing them in your videos is not allowed. But how this problem can be resolved? To fix it, you can do one of the two things below:

  1. Your videos can be produced using Royalty-free music. (This refers to copyright-free music; Which are claimed by the author that manipulating the piece is permitted.)
  2. It’s also possible to apply music whose creator has authorized its use if you cite the source of the music. (Basically, mention the song’s title and its producer in the caption of Instagram and YouTube. If you don’t do so, you simply risk having your video removed if the publisher sues you.)

 It is likely for you to primarily consider ignoring ethics and manipulating the piece without regard to copyright regulations. Sadly, you’re wrong about it. 😊

 You can’t dodge the copyright laws; Peculiarly on Instagram and YouTube. So please read the following section if you are willing to take legitimate steps; Since we’ve provided you with plenty of resources of copyright-free music to download that will certainly be beneficial to you.

Downloading Royalty free music

 To download copyright-free songs, you have two general ways and a vast number of techniques available. Let’s say you made a video, and you’d like to upload it into your YouTube channel. What are the ways to find background music for it?

Two primary origins to download copyright-free tracks

 YouTube Audio library” and “Facebook Sound Collection” are two major sources to obtain copyright-free music. Millions of music tracks and sound effects can be downloaded from these two origins securely. Unfortunately, it is not possible to search for your beloved song from the YouTube Audio library and Facebook Sound Collection. However, you can access your preferred tracks by clarifying the music genre, duration, and so on.


By activating the “attribution required” option through the filters section, it identifies the songs that have to be published with its producer’s credit.

 You can however utilize the track by choosing the “attribution not required” option. In that case, it will display tracks to you that can be used trouble-free.

 Occasionally, the mentioned sources do not always have the tracks we, ourselves, are looking for. Thus, we search for other websites and YouTube channels to obtain music from. Our next step is to present these sources to you.

YouTube channels to download royalty-free music from

 In this part, we show you a few YouTube channels that might benefit you finding royalty-free music:

Perhaps many of you now want to know how these songs can be downloaded from YouTube. A quick Googling will reveal several methods of downloading from YouTube including these two techniques:

  1. Enter the YT5S website and paste the YouTube video link on it; Then it will offer a link with which you can obtain your video in several formats. (For example, mp3).
  2. You can also get help from YouTube Bot on Telegram. You only need to search @youtube to have access to this download robot. Then, send your selected link to it, and finally, choose mp3 format from the offered list.

Websites suitable for downloading copyright-free music

 The following websites allow you to download copyright-free music:

To get your hands on the music you like, you simply have to visit one of these sites.

In what ways does Instagram copyright regulation work?

The following conclusion can be drawn from this article:

 Using this program, you could upload video clips (maximal 15 seconds) and apply your preferred song to them. (on stories and posts, not more than 15 seconds). Those 15-second portions of music must be a callous page with nothing but music! Instagram suggests you include music as a background of your post or story video.

An intimate chatter!

 It seems like Instagram is an uncomplicated application; Doesn’t it? Even so, you have to know that earning money from Instagram is not that easy unless you consider the amount of time to educate your skills. By the way! Feel free to comment on your ideas and experiences in the comment section below.